Making it Work in the New Year

January 1, 2016: January has rolled around again. Time to extend wishes for an excellent twelve months ahead, and to reflect on that time-honored if rather misguided tradition, the New Year’s Resolution. Now, I understand that the start of a new calendar year... read more

Directing Radio Spots: Always Find the Playables

Congrats.  You are all set to take your spot into the studio.  Your script is a fine-tuned to a tee; everyone from creative to account execs to client is totally on board; you’ve got your dream cast. Now, all you have to do is talk to them. Seems simple enough. ... read more

Writing Comedy Radio: The Biggest Mixing Mistake

“Don’t worry – we’ll fix it in the mix!” There was a time when, as a rookie producer, I delivered those words dripping with sarcasm. Although I kinda sorta half meant them at the time, as I began to rack up the years in the studio and the number of spots... read more

Writing Comedy Radio: A Little Word On Actors

First, the disclaimer. I am an actor.  Probably first and foremost, but certainly through and through.  My nickname growing up wasn’t Sarah Bernhardt for nothin’.  So my prejudice is a given. But lord help me, I do love actors. They have been my... read more

Comedy Radio Writing: Is the Customer Always Right?

Oh, no, they didn’t. Oh, yes, they did. They did for the first time I can ever remember in 30+ years of doing this. A client now says they might not run their spots because, and I quote, “They are too funny.” First of all, you would think, in the whole process... read more

Writing Comedy Radio: Checklist

Maybe it’s because we’ve been working with a lot of new clients lately—always an exciting challenge. Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing the heck out of David Letterman. I just felt the hankerin’ to refine things into an easy access,... read more

Comedy Radio Writing: Keep it Simple.

You know that old saw – the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. I got a new one for you – the three most important things in comedy writing are simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. First and foremost, when you’re writing a... read more


Seriously. Ever. I have mentioned how I landed at the Radio Ranch, quite a bit by accident. I was newly arrived in Los Angeles, just starting at the Groundlings, and in need of employment that didn’t involved serving food to anyone. Not that I am a snob about... read more

How do I Write a Radio Spot?

  Well, sometimes it starts with a rock-climbing nun… Always Write What You Know. If you are a writer, or trying to be one, guaranteed you will get that advice at one time in... read more