How To Write The Best Darn Radio Spots Ever!

Let Us Show You How to Craft Compelling Radio Spots!!!

We help people in radio and podcasting: like broadcasters, copywriters, sales people, and station managers…

… or if you need to advertise on radio or a podcast and break through the clutter with commercials that actually get heard— and mean something to your listeners.

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Teach Me How To Be A Great Copywriter


You will learn how to write imaginative original radio spots, because radio knows no boundaries.

It’s not about how clever you are, it’s about a story that people recognize while connecting emotionally with the message and purpose behind your product or service.

In this training you'll learn:

  • Our exact step-by-step method of how to construct your own Radio Ranch style spot.
  • How to brainstorm concepts into actual ideas that write themselves.
  • The best way to produce and cast your radio commercial.
  • How humor and story are the marketing sweet spot that will bring in the most revenue to your business.

Join this training and learn how to create great, effective commercials that will keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

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This is a Winning Formula

Some terrific techniques demonstrated. The do's and don't in this tutorial need to be beaten into every radio seller's head. Take time to follow the plan, then your listeners will hear radio spots that keep them listening, and advertisers achieve the results that ensure repeat time buys.
Neil Holmes


Great work

Excellent info with a fun and quick delivery. Everything is straight forward with easy to follow guidelines. it's a recipe for success.

Fred Koebel

Sales Manager, Great Plains Media

Looking forward to writing my next ad.

Thank you. That was great. I have a full page of notes and lots of ideas. I also appreciate all the examples I got to listen to and the takeaway handouts. I hope to be able to join more trainings from Ranch Radio in the future.

Robin Thomas

Account Executive, Juneau Radio Center

A little bit about me... Lisa Orkin

During my early years, I guest-starred in sitcoms and was a featured lead in many TV commercials. In 2009, I wrote and starred in several award-winning indie films with the likes of Adam McKay and Shira Piven.

As your Chief Creative Director of The Radio Ranch and Creator of Honestly Lisa, I’ve been been writing, producing, and voicing award-winning radio spots for the Radio Ranch since 2001. Along the way I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working alongside my greatest teacher and mentor, my father, Dick Orkin.

With our radio spots we were able to put Regional Help Wanted on the map in the United States and Canada. I have well over 2,000 radio commercials under my belt and I’m the Radio Ranch’s Owner and Chief Radio Spot Creator.

Now I teach broadcasters, or ad agency people, how to create the best radio that reaches and gets their customers’ business with a step-by-step system on how to brainstorm and create lifestyle radio commercials that connect with storytelling.

Over the years I’ve learned, the better the creative radio spot, the more the customer engagement, the happier the client, and the more ad revenue. It really is that simple.

Let us show you how...

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