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by Dick Orkin, Radio-Ranch Creative


 Why are so many Radio Spots so Dull?

One reason is they have become a message dump.

Are you looking at a script? Or ticking the boxes on a list of stuff you have to put out there?

We’ve all done it. We’re all guilty.

Cheesey, shoutey, dull, quick, noisy, hard sell, boring.

And in some cases all of the above.

(Although that actually might work.)


But here’s the number one reason your radio ad sucks:




When you have a script, take it to someone who doesn’t know or care about the brief, one of your buddies, your partner, the guy in the canteen – whoever. Now. Read it. Out loud.




You’ll know straight away if you have a good script.

If it’s a bad script, then that 30 seconds will be an embarrassment for you. And your audience will feel sorry for you or they’ll think you’re just some needy self-obsessed bore interrupting their day.


If you don’t read the script out loud, then you don’t care what get’s heard.


And the listener is going to hear some jargony-phone-numbery-discounty-cutesy-smaltzy-shitzy-gibberish, lovingly delivered by the same Voice Over who was pretending to care about some other mullarkey in the spot just previous to yours.



You’ll be surprised how this one simple step can help make your radio ad stand out.


Here are a few basic tips to bear in mind when you are briefing or writing a radio spot:

  1. A thirty second spot should have no more than 80 words.
  2. If there are terms and conditions – write a 20 second script and leave 10 secs for the legal gubbins. Or, integrate the terms into the ad.
  3. Avoid phone numbers. People know how to use Google now.
  4. Nobody uses WWW when referring to a site. There’s 2 seconds saved.
  5. If you absolutely have to have a foreign accent – get an actual native from that country to read your script.
  6. If you don’t have my attention in the first 5 seconds – It’s dead.



Here’s something I learned a long time ago:


If you don’t have fun making something – There’s gonna be no joy in the result.


(FROM BRANDO: an award-winning full-service advertising agency. They are the market leaders in digital in several countries., To date, they are also the most awarded and successful digital advertising agency in the country. CopyrightBRANDO2014)


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