Here in the lazy dog days of summer, I’m gonna be brief as a breeze.

Remember, I promised an update on that client who was wary of running the spots we created for them because might be too funny?

Turns out,  they ran the spots. And guess what?  People are coming in and talking about them.

Yep.  We gave them a batch of spots with lots of humor and a story to tell that customers – and potential customers – are talking about.

That says good radio to me.

Now, it would be really easy to stick our thumbs in our ears, waggle our thumbs, and say “neener-neener-neener.”  I mean, what’s more fun than the occasional “I told you so?”

But we were working for a family-owned entity with a long history in the market and definite brand identity. They’re branching out, wanted something fresh and new, but even when the client asks for new, new isn’t always  easy for them to embrace.

It was a big step.  We know that.  One that required a leap of faith, and much to their credit, they made it with us.

They have a client base that trusts them.  Now, we hope, they trust us.

Go team.

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