Maybe it’s because we’ve been working with a lot of new clients lately—always an exciting challenge.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing the heck out of David Letterman.

I just felt the hankerin’ to refine things into an easy access, handy-dandy Checklist For Radio Spots. My very own Top Ten List. Sort of. Okay, it doesn’t actually count down and it doesn’t savagely lampoon anything or anyone. But there are ten things on it.

Drum roll, please.

  1. Have the interview with our client.  Ask all the right questions
  2. Brainstorm our fannies off.  Come up with some killer story ideas.
  3. Distill the best of those ideas into some slalom points.  Ready to tell the tale.
  4. Beginning, middle, end.  Beginning, middle, end.  Beginning, mid….
  5. Fine-tune the story with on-target copy points.
  6. Get our dream cast.  (Be ready to surrender the script over to them.)
  7. Make sure the script is to time.  Anticipate how to talk to the actors. (Playable adjectives?)
  8. Bring everyone’s A game to the session.
  9. Be ruthless in the editing.
  10. Find the perfect sfx, music, mix.

Voila! Another great spot.

Pretty sure no apologies necessary to the Big Guy.

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